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Negative Energy Release

Negative Energy Release

What is it?

There is a long history of releasing negative energy and also spirit attachment. However more modern approaches do not adhere to any formal religion, apart from acknowledging a Creator or Higher Source. They are non-confrontational and negative energy such as past life issues, limiting thoughts or self beliefs, negative entities, negative ties that bind, emotional issues or negativity attached to life experiences may be safely released and healing facilitated.Any negative energy may be positively transformed and in the case of spirit attachment, helped to detach and depart safely to their rightful place.

How does it work?

The method of releasement is by distant/remote release where the distance between the therapist and client or property is immaterial, this makes it possible to work worldwide.

This is a very gentle procedure which does not require the client's conscious awareness as permission is always sought from their Higher Self. When permission is gained the client is scanned remotely. The negative energy or spirit attachment is identified and the reason for attaching itself, together with the difficulty it has been causing, is established. A freeing of the problem then takes place; all energies are positively transformed, released and healing given to the client. Two scans are undertaken approximately a month apart, with confidential written reports provided.

How may it help?

Negative energy including thought forms or spirit attachment are quite common and may be successfully and safely treated. Symptoms include unexplained fatigue, addictions, sudden mood changes and physical difficulties. People may also feel blocked in some way, or find they are repeating negative patterns in life. Difficult relationships may heal when the negative ties are freed.

The positive effects of some releases may be experienced immediately and some, particularly with physical symptoms, may take a longer time period to work their way through. Many Psychiatrists,Psychotherapists,Clinical Hypnotherapists and Energy Healers have found this technique and approach to be effective where other methods have failed.

I have had requests to do releases for pets, animals respond well to this therapy, perhaps they have been rehomed or something has happened within their family which they don't understand. The process is the same with written reports for the two scans.

The clearance of negative energy and/or lost souls from property and land by remote release is a separate procedure which is also undertaken. The client provides a basic floor plan of the area or property and all areas including the ground beneath are scanned on their behalf. The method of release is similar to that already described. A confidential written report is provided to the client.


Denise Stoneham has worked as a therapist for over 25 years and has an eclectic approach in helping her clients.She has a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Advanced Training in Energy Psychology and Counselling. She has been a Healer Member of NFSH The Healing Trust for many years and trained in Spirit Releasement with the Hickman Academy in January 2003.


I approach this work with integrity but I cannot guarantee results of any kind for release requests.


Request a release.

If you would like to apply for negative energy release, please contact Denise, either by email or by telephone 01278 732127.

Payment can be made by cheque or bank transfer, or for overseas clients, a cash payment may be made through


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I can't quite believe how scarily accurate the negative ties report was but that's exactly what I would have expected from all the characters named.

I have experienced amazing results from the two sessions you have carried out for me, I am feeling far more positive than probably since childhood and I am enjoying and living life to the full, hence the delayed response! I just wish I was a few years younger to keep up!

Please add my feedback to your website. I couldn't recommend you highly enough.

Best wishes and thanks.  Max                                                                               



I have regular 'releases' done when I feel there is something out of balance that I cannot fix myself.

Being an energy/Light worker, I often see that my clients also need Negative Energy Release when there is something deeper causing their body or lifestyle to be out of balance. I always recommend that they have this done.

Very often I will hear of people who have moved to a new home and feel that there is something not right, or they are building a house and want to check the land is O.K. to build on.

Denise has really helped many people this way, including myself.

Nicki Hughes


1. At soul level I felt an instant change and could probably pin-point exactly when the scan took place.I mentioned to a friend that I felt different and sure enough your report arrived stating the exact same date. The accuracy is uncanny and almost verbatim of life as it is presently.

2. A belated thank you so very much for my last report. Quite, quite astonishing. The accuracy of the report is beyond words for me. There is no question that you have helped me.

3.The exact date on the report, not only did I have complete peace and calm around me, but I had awoken on the Monday and Tuesday desperate for a hug and yes, unable to ask anyone ! Just as you reported ! Totally amazing ! Thank you for your continued work on me.

Linda Bassett


Linda had monthly scans which I am pleased to undertake if requested.



I'm very blessed to have been lucky enough to receive Negative Energy Release, as each time I have one I feel lighter, as if a layer of the onion has been removed. I experience a feeling of calm, peace after each release. I'm always fascinated by how accurate the report is, especially useful for peace of mind.

Thankyou Denise

Lots of Love and Light,  Gemma Dawn Green



Thankyou very much for the work you have done on my behalf. I received your second report and found it very helpful and accurate as was your initial report. It is a great relief to know the negative energy and curses have been removed. I will continue to use the White Light protection.  Patricia.





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